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Our Mission

Canine Initiative Training exists to improve the communication between man (and woman), and man’s best friend. We are here to educate people of every age, on how dogs learn, what signals dogs give off and what they mean, what dogs need to have a happy life, proper care for a dog, how to train a dog, and much more.

About our Trainers

While serving in the Marine Corps, Will Anderson was introduced to some of the Canine Handlers and Canine Members in the USMC. After getting out of the military he decided to go to school and study Animal Behavioral Science and Professional Dog Training. During this time he sparked an idea of a way to help make a change for the better for people and dogs. By educating people of all ages on how to properly communicate with their pets, we can improve the lives of our pets, we can lower the number of dog bites with owners and their children, and we can overall lower the number of dogs that get brought to shelters.

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