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Training Overview

Behavior Modification

Some of the most common behavioral issues are pulling on a leash, not coming when called, jumping of visitors, separation anxiety, teething on owner’s arms and hands,  counter surfing and even destructive behavior. If any of these are issues in your home, rest assured, we can fix this. We evaluate your dog and discover the reasons for these behaviors and create a pathway of training to correct these issues as well as prevent other behaviors from forming.

Obedience Training

At C.I.T., we understand that our puppy and older dogs are a part of the family. And we want them to know there are particular ways to act that are acceptable. We teach basic commands and household manners that are essential for everyone in the family to be happy. We also offer training up to advanced levels off leash.

Trick Training

We know how important it is for your dog to get mental stimulation, and trick training is a phenomenal way to do that. From teaching your dog how to pick up their own toys or grabbing a drink from the fridge, C.I.T. has you covered on dozens of fun interactive tricks to keep you dog engaged.


No matter who the target of your dog’s aggression is, we consider this to be a serious matter. C.I.T. has experienced trainers who will evaluate the root cause of the aggression and customize a training plan to help lessen the episodes of aggression, extinguish the agression all together, or teach your dog how to control the aggressive behavior and choose not to act in that way.

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